Business License

To apply for a Business License, download and complete the application, then bring or mail to City Hall, along with a $15.00 application fee, payable to the City of Kingston. Please also note that you may also be subject to separate business license registration and/or fee that is administered by Roane County along with the registration and licensing of the State of Tennessee Department of Revenue.

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Minimal Activity License

If your taxable sales at any given location are more than $3000 but less than $10,000, you are required to obtain a minimal activity license from the City and Roane County. The minimal activity license is subject to an annual $15 fee and must be renewed each year.

Standard Business License

If you are located in Tennessee and are subject to the business tax (i.e., your taxable sales are $10,000or more), you must obtain standard business license from the Kingston City Hall, along with the Roane County Clerk before conducting business. If your business has multiple locations, you must have standard business licenses for each location. The licenses must be displayed and are nontransferable.

You must pay an initial $15 for each license obtained from the City of Kingston and from the Roane County Clerk. The license will expire 30 days after your return is due, but will be automatically renewed after you have filed your return and remitted the tax due to the Tennessee Department of Revenue.

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Vendor and Transient Vendor Permits

Vendor and Transient Vendor permits require a photo ID and permission from the Police Department. Please fill out the appropriate paperwork for these permits in the Kingston City Hall located at 900 Waterford Place Kingston, TN 37763.

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